Nitrous Oxide Use

By High Output

The only thing I'm not fond of when it comes to nitrous oxide is that you have to refill the bottle when all the fun has drained out! You can buy the entire installation kit for engines with any number of cylinders, two or four stroke, from reputable companies such as 10000 RPM or Orient Express.

They install relatively easily and come with their own fuel pump and twin solenoids to simultaneously turn on the nitrous supply and the extra fuel that is mandated. The nitrous is in liquid form in the bottle and becomes gaseous as it encounters normal atmospheric pressure and then releases free oxygen molecules. This requires more fuel or you go BIGTIME lean! (I vividly remember a racing effort where the powers that made the decisions at the time chose to "fog" the intake area of fuel injection throttle bodies with nitrous and no additional fuel against my vehement objections.......... you could best save the shrapnel for posterity with a good thick layer of clear epoxy rendering it perfect for subsequent use as a coffee table.)

The kits come with a selection of fuel jets to install in the fuel spigot that will be in the "ballpark" (relatively small ballpark this time guys...). You sometimes have to reduce the timing lead as well. After that, you will quickly learn not to finger the nitrous button in the first two or three lower gears or you will instantly become the meat in a vehicle/ground sandwich.
The throttle should be fully wide open before tagging the "on" button or mixture problems can occur. This can make things a bit tricky in tight woods situations....... there's no way to make it come on gently. Nitrous is probably best suited to drag racing.

Have a great day!