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 Post subject: Toe in or toe out ?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:33 pm 

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Ok been absent as of late, been checking in though time to time. I have been busy at work and fixing my mom's house in my spare time, aka after work weekends etc. Her house was damaged by the tornado Wichita had a while back and a big tree limb crushed it. Got some time so I thought I would post some thoughts on setting up a pilots front end stock or aftermarket. I will first discuss Toe and what some of the effects of toe in and toe do to handling and feel.

Toe is a good place to start since its the only thing to do to a pilot without some kind of mod. The stock pilot calls for toe in and just why is that? The static setting is toe in and why is it refered to as static. Static is the setting at ride height just setting there and there is no forces acting upon it other than gravity and the weight of the machine. Then there dynamic and forces acting upon static setting such as bumps, breaking and or both causing deflection. This to say these forces can effect the static setting and cause change with out input from the wheelin why of deflection of the arms and steering components.

So do we toe in or out and how much. First we need to understand some of there effect. Toe in and toe out both cause tire scrub which will wear on tires however not a real big deal in our application. Next let think about being behind the wheel and what does the tire do when we turn the wheel. One goes toe out and one goes toe in. Thes will start a turn. Kinda dumb but hang in there there a point to this. Lets say we have some deflection in the steering and suspension system and we have Zero toe or a toe out static setting. The tire/tires that encounters dynamic loading will toe out and this will start a turn in just like input from the wheel. You have heard terms like darting or wondering in the ruff. This is one step in the process and the result of the dynamic loading on your static setting. Now lets look at what happens when you have a toe in setting and the front end encounters some dynamic loading. Yes the tire will head toward Zero or toe out while encountering these loads depending on its deflection. As long as there is enough toe in so it does not go past Zero toe there will be no turn in that requires a wheel movement to offset and no darting.

We can also look at it this way, with toe in the tire are pointing a direction to which there path crosses and if one or both have some deflection( dynamic loading) depending on your static setting the tire will still be crossing or at least pointing straight ahead and thus increases straight line stability. Now if you have a toe out static setting the wheels are no longer pointing a direction to which there paths cross and one deflects or both deflect at different rate this will mimic a turn in by the the inner tire turning in a tighter radius then the outer.

The quick of it: Toe out mimic the start of turn and toe in does not.

This brings us to our stock pilot arm bearings and tie rod ends. All may seam tight however under dynamic loading there very well be a great deal of deflection. So if you set up stock and it wonders or darts and requires excessive wheel movement then it's time to replace parts. Do not forget about the steering stem bushings as well This rubber will deflect under dynamic loads not much though.

Lets also look at the tires dia. If you set your static setting with stock tires and then installed taller tires it affects the static setting and dynamic effect in way of static toe change.

Now ask you self, is bump steer a big deal?

For those not aware of what it is . Bump steer is the toe change during suspension cycle from full bump and full droop and must be held to minimum. After reading and looking at your static bump steer amount think about the effect of the dynamic on that number.

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