Cylinder Gasket Failure! Houston we gotta problem.
During the first trip to Little Sahara in 2002 I started to notice my engine would not idle
until I pulled the choke out, I discovered this when we were from the furthest point away 
from the camp grounds to be exact we were at the entrance to the North camp grounds
but camping at the South camp grounds, I got out and took a quick peak and could see
oil on the clutch side of the cylinder so suspected at the time it was the crank seal leaking,
I pulled the choke out to give the engine more fuel for the ride back to camp once there I 
took a closer look and could see it was the cylinder gasket, my engine was going to get 
taken apart for inspection and rebuild after this ride so just drove it on the trailer and drove
the backup Pilot for the rest of the trip. 

A look at the piston