Exhaust Manifold Fix by hoser..

After the LS trip I removed the seat for my usual post ride inspection and cleaning,
soon as I removed the seat I could see my exhaust was leaking, my exhaust never
leaks! Soon as I put my finger on one of the springs it dawned on me, when putting
the engine back together after the last rebuild I noticed the springs were getting
weak and needed replaced I also noticed where the springs hook onto the manifold
was getting real worn, I had ordered the springs but they never made it in time for the
completion of the rebuild, I looked in my spare parts box and found 4 new springs that
came in after the rebuild was done...

It seems the springs last about 3 seasons and the sealing ring that seals the exhaust
pipe last about 2 seasons then it looses its tension and does not seal well, I will finish
off the mig welds with a file before installing the manifold and springs, if your careful
and have a steady hand (I suggest waiting for the mornings coffee to wear off) you
can zap it with a mig welder and NOT fill the holes.

Notice part numbers?

Close up of welds and location