Goki Electric Start Kit Installation
FL-250 Odyssey

When all you want to do is...

The test bed is a 1981 FL250 Odyssey. It has been restored and is used daily,.. or would be used daily if the recoil starter didn't pull my shoulder out of it's socket. The solution. Goki Electric Start Kit. 
Here is the kit. Everything you need except the battery.
The stock "arm jerker" recoil starter. The Goki kit keeps the pull rope starter intact. 
First step is to remove all the belt covers.
Second, remove the right side tire and fender. Then unbolt the engine off the engine bed.
You will need to be able to get to this side of the engine. Remove the carb. and spark plug wire. Don't forget the grounding wire.
Next remove the recoil starter, by the three bolts.
Next to come off is the starter pulley.
If you need to replace a coil or check the points (early years) now is the time. 
Set the Goki starter gear in place. 
Install the spacer on top of the gear. 
Tighten down with included hex wrench.
Bolt the starter pulley on to the spacer. 
According to the manual, do not use a gasket between the engine and starter carrier. A small about of gasket maker gel is fine.
Using the longer supplied bolts, bolt the starter carrier and recoil starter on.
From left to right. engine, starter carrier, recoil starter.
The starter. I added a little gasket maker gel around the edge for better water resistance. 
The starter bolted on. Make sure you bolt it on with the terminal facing up.
The engine bolted back it. Yes, it all fits. Just barely.
The battery box mounted, with the starter solenoid screwed on top. I would like this mounted in a better place, but I can't find one.
Goki even gives you a template to mount the starter button.
The starter button mounted. I like this button, it's a heavy duty type with water tight rubber cap.
The wiring is easy. Just run it next to the existing wiring harness. Try to tuck it out of harms way. 
The battery is held with extra large pull tights. I would like to see something stronger, but it's holding great so far.

What can I say? Electric start is the best thing to happen to the 250 Odyssey. I love holding the throttle open then taping the start button for instant acceleration. The Goki kit is excellent. The starter is very powerful and spins the engine faster then it idles.

The kit draws power to change the battery off the lighting system. I am not sure how this will work with the older Odyssey 6 volt lighting. But no trouble with the newer (1981+) Odysseys.

I wish Goki would supply stronger bolts with the kit. I striped one and came close on others. But that's all I can find fault with the kit. It's so strong and well built, Honda could have made it. 




This page was taken from http://www.hemet.klever.net/~pollys1/YFS200/Ody/ Before the web page

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