I decided to create this page so as we grow old we can remember the good times and the things that made us laugh when we talked about them around the camp fire. Updated 10-14-00
My trip to Gary's in MO. That is me after rolling my Pilot trying to make a turn just a little too fast.
Little Sahara "99" Steve goes for a swim The 2 vertical lines that go into the water at about 10:00 is where Steve entered the water with his brakeless Dune Banshee.
Little Sahara "99" Dennis get's a little too much air with his FL350
Dennis after his Attempt to double 2 big dune hills, As you can see in the last picture  
he did not quite make it (see the next hill in the back ground) he did how ever land more than 30' past his 
take off point.
You also will notice that the tracks in the sand from the day before are almost gone and the tracks you see are
the ones Dennis and I made on Monday, Thats why I like riding the dunes durring the week, They are so smooth
and there is almost no traffic.

Silver Lake 00-00-99 Kiowa V.S. Brand new Quad Bumper #1 lasted about 1 season
The Badlands 2-26-00 1st Road Trip of 2000 Kiowa V.S. Rock Here is what happens when you hit a rock as big as a Pilot. Bumper #2 made by hoser lasted about 1 hour You can see where the rock tried to punch a hole in skid plate I am in the process of making bumper #3. Bumper #4 will weigh about 60 pounds and will with stand a 200 mph head on collision with a freight train.
Cowboy without his training wheels "One time I rolled my 350 and Quadzilla says wait right there I'm going home to get my camera. I was on my sideabout 20 minutes hanging from the belts so she could get the picture. LOL" "Yippie Ki Yae" More to come as soon as they happen