Pilot Driven Clutch by hoser..
I took my driven clutch apart for inspection and noticed their was a tight fit between the plastic 
bushing and the spring so tight in fact you need to use a screwdriver to pry the spring off the 
plastic bushing, since my Pilot is in need of a faster up shift and modification parts for the driven
do not exist their is not much you can do to tune the driven assembly, changing the driven is
possible I am told that Dan Roberto makes a new input shaft that will allow you to use 
different driven clutches but finding the proper length belt is questionable at best.

You can see the plastic bushing is still stuck in the spring, as the clutch up shifts and the spring 
collapses the spring has to over come the friction of the plastic bushing allowing the clutch to 
stay in low gear longer.

The Pilot driven does not use a helix or external cam like the 250 or 350, Honda got smart 
when they built this clutch they made everything sealed like the drive clutch, good for keeping the 
moving parts protected and well lubricated but tough for guys wanting more performance out 
of their machines, how do you change the angle of that cam? Expensive question you certainly
do not buy a 80.00 helix and stronger spring...

For a faster up shift I am trying to reduce the friction of the plastic spacer and the spring tension 
at the same time by using a cheap 3 finger hone and a lathe I reduced the springs inside diameter
enough where the plastic spacer would slide into the spring with just a little resistance and not 
a real tight press fit.

Look close and you can see the flat spot created on the inside of the spring, machining the 
plastic bushing is out of the question the material is so soft that it really does not machine
or sand well I was able to smooth out the outer surface that was slightly scared by the spring 
using 320 wet/dry sand paper and water (wet sanding in the lathe)

Hopefully by removing material from the driven spring it will allow my Pilot to upshift faster and 
control some of the violent wheel spin I have, reducing the spring wire diameter by the hone
process I hope will reduce the springs tension and allow the driven to upshift faster.

More later after the modification has been tested.

Update started testing today!