I stripped the reed petals off the cages, put duct tape on the outside mixed up this mold stuff I got from Wal-Mart with water, poured it into the reed cages, waited about 15 minutes for it to setup. Remove the duct tape. Push on the mold stuff with your fingers through the reed openings until it pops out. I took a knife and removed some of the material that I knew would need to be removed to save time. Used a old oil bottle for a mold, put the piece into the oil bottle and filled it with hot wax. After it cooled off I popped out the mold stuff and was left with a perfect mold for the fiberglass resin. After the resin setup I removed them from the mold, they are now ready to me drilled and modified to my liking but I am having second thoughts about using the fiberglass resin since it is so hard and brittle I might be better off casting them out of aluminum and JB welding them into the cage so I will not need to worry about vibration affecting the resin. I mixed up some fiberglass resin and poured it into the molds and inserted a 5/16 bolt to use as something to grab onto once the fiberglass set up.