Adjustable compression ratio for the FOX air shox By hoser..
The FOX air shox use nitrogen for the spring to change spring rates you adjust the amount 
of oil inside the reservoir body to do this you need to remove the nitrogen and valve stem or 
end cap, pour in more oil in the reservoir, cap it up and recharge the shock with nitrogen, 
by adding my adjustable end cap I can adjust a screw and increase or decrease the volume
of the reservoir body and change the spring rates (compression ratio)with a turn of a wrench.

I started out with a 3/4" screw (one on the right) and decided that more bearing surface 
on the end cap of the reservoir would be better so made the second one with a 1" adjusting 

The screw slides over the hose.

Here is what it will be pushing against, turn it in and reduce the volume of the reservoir this will 
also raise the static nitrogen pressure, raise the pressure too much and you affect the valving
of the shock.

Installed with snap ring, I turned the shoulder down more so there was less volume consumed
by my adjuster and if I need to hold the adjuster body when adjusting I have something to grasp.

Inside the reservoir body, bottom side, the oil is on this end.

Top side the nitrogen is here.

The divider piston in the middle.

Here is one installed on the front shock, rear installation will have to wait until
I can get longer hoses to keep mounting location of the res in a safe location.

With the shock off you can turn the adjuster screw with a vise grips I suspect you will 
be able to do the same if the front end is lifted off the ground. 8-4-02