FL350 Odyssey Air box modification By MGR and Tsuttom

If you own a FL350 Odyssey you probably have noticed by now that the intake
tract on the FL350 is very restrictive and you notice a night and day difference
when you remove the cover off the air box and take it for a ride.

If you want to benefit from that performance all the time without your air filter 
becoming prematurely dirty try doing this modification. It is a easy modification
that only takes a few hours but you will need to make a trip to your local automotive
parts supplier to pick up some defroster tubing and to your local hardware store
to pickup some 1-1/2" PVC fittings
You will need to cut the front out of your of your snorkel tube like above The factory "air diverter" was also removed (below inside the air box) this also help a lot to get more air into the engine Above on the left you can see where you cut and install a 1-1/2" PVC 90 degree elbow insert it in the hole and screw on a threaded connector then caulk around the hole for that perfect seal The threaded connector (above) drops into the 90 degree elbow below (below)and is held into place with a screw The stock Honda clamp was purchased from Sara at Triple E Phone: (760) 788-7802 (above) and really gives this modification that factory look. The spun aluminum gas tank was also from Triple E After you make this modification I strongly suggest you check your jetting because now your engine will be breathing like it is suppose to. A special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Gottaride for letting me take pictures of their FL350