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Pilot Odyssey Parts Locator Need parts for your FL250 FL350 FL400 no problem dont pay too much.
            Pilot Odyssey Innovations By hoser.. Use the tips the pro's use and follow... My email pilot400@mchsi.com
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This web place is for Personalized Technical Assistance and arming Pilot Odysseys owners with information helping them 

survive and succeed in a brutal Off-Road environment, I deliver Info you wont find in the service manual , when things 

go wrong with your Pilot or Odyssey were committed to help you get back up and running ASAP and save you money in the process.

Using the materials found here on this site you can enhance the performance of any Pilot or odyssey like a pro, some of the info 

found on this site applies to any 2 stroke some even applies to 4 strokes.

On this web page you will find a collection of materials relevant to Pilots and Odysseys useful for your quick reference, a data base 

of materials, thoughts, links I have collected or were sent to me from other Pilot Odyssey enthusiast from all over the globe, use 

the message board and Live Chat to your advantage, this web page is a TOOL you should have in your tool box, you can help 

document this great sport and add to the archives of FREE helpful information accessable for future generations of Pilot Odyssey 

owners, that's right be part of the solutions, help eliminate the problems, I am sorry to say my site is void of those mind games like 

user ranks, users levels, their are no goals to achieve to obtain some sort of social status At PilotOdyssey.com, no forced topics

to read, this is a site where the new guy ranks as high as the senior members! Enjoy your stay...

Its simple I have always wanted whats best for the Pilot Odyssey owner not some vendor, many can not deal with this, many 

websites put vendors, sales and kickbacks ahead of site users and whats really best for them, NOT on this site.


Search for parts on Ebay for the Pilot FL350 FL250 .

Superlite Off-Road Vehicles!
The original POOA home page.
  ATVR Pilot Desert Front bumper (w/skid) for $189.00, Kiowa tested this bumper against 

a quad at Silver Lake and it protected the car real well.CHECK IT OUT 

        ATV Racing.com
OEM Honda front brake shoes for the Pilot and FL350 $17.93 each side $35.86 for both front FL350 DG Xtreme ATV pipe and silencer $237.99
Fl250 Flywheel Puller Only $9.99 here is another $15.95 another $14.90   $15.00 $15.99

Check out Dave Slifka at http://pre-machining.com for Great Pilot and Odyssey Assessories
Superlite Off-Road Vehicles! Build it from the plans!

Rorty Design off-road race cars CAD drawings

OOPS yeah every once and a while someone has a little hiccup and 'oops' happens

Vrroom storage compartment crash testing 2005

Shipping a Pilot or Odyssey? Here is a list of some companies

Drakart repairs The road to perfection....... New pictures added in the Pilotodyssey.com pictures section. 

Project Challenger Follow along as I tune and make changes to my newest toy. (updated 1-1-02)by hoser.. 

FL250 tips by Bill...      

Tim Shapansky's FL250 web site

A 2 seat buggy we seen at Silver Lake Dunes 

Other Pilot-Odyssey Links Parts and stuff

Seen any Fake NGK spark plugs?

Tap & Drill chart

2003 Trips page   by hoser.. 

Dirt Cheap Racing

Honda White Fox Could This Be The First Odyssey Built Before The FL250  (Updated 10-2-99) by hoser.. 

Pilot/Drakart racing in the UK

24 hours of la-FUD - Desert Racing at its best!  Yee haa Big Tom goes Big Desert!

In memory of Tim Shapansky here is his web page as he left it.
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