Stage III Kit/435cc by Stoneman
The following is a summary of the details I learned from Chris Of CW Racing concerning the work
done to my 89 Pilot.
The cylinder and head have had work done to each.He has not kept any records of his work, so the 
details of the porting and rechambering of the head etc. is some what a mystery.It is clear major porting 
has been done to the intake areas.

There is a aluminum plate between the case and cylinder. I learned he used three different sized plates
.1mm,1 1/2mm,& 2mm.Mine appears to be 1 1/2mm.There was a base gasket between the cylinder and 
the plate on mine along with gasket sealer between case and plate. I intend to use a gasket on both sides 
of the plate just to be safe on clearance. Stock head gasket is used.

Now beleive it or not, the piston is Suzuki, out of a TM 400,a 70s open class dirt bike.The size of my 
current piston is 1.50 over.I still have a bore left for the next size, 2.00 over piston. The Wiesco # on 
the 1.50 is 299P6. The # on the 2.00 is 299P8.These appear to be hard to get from Wiesco but CW 
does stock them.The wrist pin & clips are from the TM 400. The top bearing is from a CR500. I was 
told both the piston & bearing are all the same as far as what year to use.There are three horizontal 
holes drilled in the piston skirt on the intake side.
Each holes diameter is @10 mm. I will have more details on that when I receive my new pistons.

The intake boot is a aftermarket piece. I believe its off a CR 250. It doesnt have the slight bend that
the stock boot has and it accepts the bigger carb opening. The reeds are aftermarket also,Boyseen. 
A 39 mm PWK carb supplies the fuel. CW suggests a 170-190 main jet(but thats in CA.) and start 
with the needle high, better fat than lean,right?
@50 HP at 7500-7700 rpms, so he says. Also suggested disconnecting rev limiter.
"Ride it flat out. Dont let your sister putt around in it, it will get hot!"

Other notes and such.

Uses a Susuki TM400 piston 71-73?  400TM, 1971-75 and 400TS, 1972-77 are the same piston
299P6 & 299P8 1.5 & 2.0