Are there any differences in the '89 and '90 Pilot?

Muffler, front a-arm (diameter), lots of little changes to the trans to make it easier to shift out of neutral, fuel tank venting improvements. Reed cage assembly. Everybody I know has an 89' and don't have any related problems. Radical 89' Pilot
Add to your list Fuse boxes are different, roll cage bolts are black and not chrome, head on engine not painted. hoser..
Also don't forget the plastic guard rather then the stylish netting by the drivers left elbow.
Let's not forget the rear caliper is also not painted.-Bill
Silencer is a different design, 89 is smaller than the 90. Throttle and choke cable routings. 89 doesn't have the rollover fuel catch basin for the carburetor and fuel tank. Some 90's if not all do not have the serial number stamped in the frame but use a decal behind the radiator air deflector. Reed cage and reeds are different. Air screw adjustment. Main jet settings. Jet needle settings. Original safety flag mounting. Ignition coil resistance specs. Coil wire resistance specs. Best I could find, although there may be others. Dunepilot
I found one more thing to add to the list...  On the '89 the battery mount is a  two piece
bolt on design, whereas the 90 is a one piece welded.Dunepilot 

Here are more differences between the 80-90 Pilot on the message board go take the Pilot knowledge Test. The CDI was different 89/90 CDI 89 90 Pilot Skid Plate Differences And More
          Know of any more differences between the 89-90 Pilot? Let me know I will add them to the list.