Marv at 4X4 Tuff just received a shipment of Comet belts for the 89-90 Honda Pilot

(Update 4-17-01) Here are some pictures of the belt installed


          Price including 2 belts, and DHL Next Day Shipping $130.00

* Tuff 400 Belt is EXCLUSIVELY engineered for and sold by 4x4TUFF
* Strongest belt made - Kevlar and super grip compounds
* Transmits more torque
* Runs cooler with exclusive top notch design
* Guarnteed against premature failure caused by flaws in material and workmanship or separation

2EA FL400 Pilot Tuff 400 Belts $130.00 includes next day shipping.

          You can contact Marv at 714-965-0434 or order from his web page 

Marv offer a full line of other parts and accessories for the FL250 FL350 and Pilot check it out.