89-90 Honda Pilot Replacement Front A-arm bushings by hoser..
Many of you might have noticed that the spherical bearings on the Pilot front suspension
can me a headache.

If you hit something with the front tire on a Pilot you can pop the snap ring out of its 
groove then you need to take the whole thing apart to install the snap ring again, once
the snap ring is forced out of its groove it never is as strong as it was before, when it 
is forced out it will shear off part of the groove edge making it easier to come out again
in the future.

Rocketman has come up with a bushing kit that will replace the seals, retaining rings 
and seals for $105.00 and hopefully put a end to the spherical bearing problems.

You can see in the picture above one installed into one of my spare A-arms, I will be installing 
the full set on my Pilot here in the next few days so stay tuned.

Above is a picture of the old bearings, seals and clips

Update 11-26-01
So far these things are working great! Thanks again Rocketman

Wile you have the A-rms off now is a good time to grease your ball joints, 
click here to see how.