This is the basket case Pilot I bought from Pilotman for my wife. DunePilot sent me a email telling me about a Pilot that was in pieces and in pretty rough shape, I sent the guy a email at the time it was still for sale but after sending a email 2 days later I found out that someone had already put money down on it, come to find out it was PilotMan, he had bought it and was going to fix it up for his girlfriend but things have changed so he decided to sell it to me so my wife would have something to ride. Thanks PilotMan As you can see just about all the plastic needs replaced Just looking at the pictures the front A-arms look pretty straight but the tie rods must have something wrong just take a look at the toe in. Here you can see the factory tachometer, Looks like the guy had the motor sitting on the seat when it was in storage. More broken plastic The guy that took it apart did a pretty good job putting all the bolts in bags and writing what they were for on each bag I just hope he didn't loose any bags. I am going to pick this Pilot up from Pilotmans dads house on 2-1-00 When I get it home I will take more pictures and start inspecting the motor and transmission, I hope to have the Pilot ready for the dune trip we have planed for the week of 5-8-00
Update I got the Pilot home :-)