After getting home from the East Coast Jamboree and unloading the motor home 
I decided to take a quick look at the basket case, I started by draining the transmission
 since the previous owner said the transmission was making a whining noise, I could 
not detect any noises when I put it into gear and pushed it around, the oil looked normal 
and was not too dirty so I changed it. I am at a loss here so I figure the best way to find 
out if it is any good is to install the motor and take it for a ride.

The Engine
First thing I needed to do was pressure test the motor and see if it would hold air.

After blocking off the exhaust, intake and spark plug hole I added some air trying to build
up to #10 it would hold air for about 15 seconds then back to #0 after spraying the motor 
with soap it was easy to spot the leak, right where the intake manifold meets the reed cage
it leaked big time.

I took the manifold off to see the problem (bolts were tight) and noticed that the reeds have been 
replaced with what looks like to be Boysen reeds and they were not seating. I took the reeds off
cleaned them up and flipped them over, I will order new ones and flipping them over will do until the 
new ones get here. I installed a gasket between the manifold and reed cage then tried the pressure test 
again, this time the motor held #11 for 10 minutes after 30 minutes it dropped to #8. The crank shaft seal
showed a little leakage so a new seal will be ordered with the reeds.
Wile I had the reeds out I looked the piston over, it looked real good and had only what I would call
normal wear and no major scratches. Looking at the exhaust side of things there was plenty of carbon
on the exhaust manifold and the exhaust had been leaking making a real nice mess of things.

Most people would probably worry but to me its a good sign that the motor was running rich
and had plenty of oil. There were no major scratches or wear on the piston.
I installed the motor and was able to take a compression test just using the pull starter it was #145 

So far I am real happy with what I have seen with the motor after I find out if the transmission 
has any major problems I will tear down the top end and inspect the internals.

Other things I got accomplished on day 1 
Cleaned the carburettor, air box, air filter, clamps and the boot that goes between the carb and 
air box.

Day 2 After work I decided to work on the Pilot some more so I tighten up the motor mounts, Installed the carb, radiator, air box, air filter , flushed and installed the gas tank, changed the counter balance case oil (it was nice and clean) installed the calliper, disk for the rear brake. I took the battery off my Pilot added gas and the motor started right up. I took it for about a 15 minute ride everything sounded and ran good, the front brakes will lock up on grass with a real hard pull of the lever (bald tires make that easy) but still feel like they need bleed and adjusted, the rear brakes felt good. man a stock Pilot is sure slow compared to a modified one it wouldn't even spin the tires on grass. I still have a ton of stuff to check and repair some items include Remove the lower links on the rear suspension and straighten them out. Remove and inspect the rear brakes, bleed the whole system. Remove both axles from the transmission and grease the splines. Straighten out the top roll cage ( think if I put it in the press I can get it back straight again) Remove, inspect the upper A-arms Rear, clean and grease the bearings. Clean, inspect and grease the rear axle bearings. On the front end, clean and inspect the front brakes, wheel bearings, A-arm bushings, tie rod ends steering stem bushings, bleed the brakes and adjust.
Day 3