Changing the throttle cable on a 89 or 90 Pilot. The factory cable has a snap ring or spring clip on the end of the cable so once it is installed at the factory it wont come out. Pilot Throttle Cable Replacement ( The Easy Way) By Stoneman First, remove your cable/cap from your carb without losing any parts. Carefully pop the cable out of the maze of clips leading to the steering wheel.Remove the steering column cover & light panel cover. Run the adjuster all the way up so you have enough slack to remove old cable from thumb lever. (Yikes! that cable looks like it could inflect some major pain) Now put away all your drills & drill bits unless you want to buy a new cap (if you can).Simply cut the old housing & cable flush with the brass fitting that causes me to write this. Flip the carb cap upside down and use a small punch to tap the fitting along with the c-clip out of carb cap. This clip can be reused on the new cable if you wish. Looking at the bottom side Here is the brass end of the cable and the snap ring the retained the cable in the cap after being removed. The new cable looks much better than the old one :-) Ready to install. Finally, run your new cable threw the cap. Make sure the rubber boot on the cable is pushed down over the lip on top of the carb.Keep the rubber side down, Stoneman
Thanks Stoneman for the tech tip I am sure others will be changing their cables sooner or later. hoser..