Preludes Brake Conversion Front Disc Brakes for a Pilot?

I always asked the big question? Why didn't Honda put disc brakes on the 
Pilot. The world may never know. I have a TRX500R I custom made. I duplicated 
the frame, steering system, swing arm and a lot of other items. I used a 1986 
CR500R engine. Its a screamer. I used 1989 TRX250R spindles, hubs and calipers 
on my quad. I got looking at the tapered ball joints and I told myself I bet 
there the same as a Pilot. I found out in 1986 and I think 87 the TRX250R had 
beefier spindles than the 1988-89 did. The 86 and ?87 also had beefier hubs to. 
The spindles shafts are the same size as the pilots except on the inside 
bearing is a little bigger on the Pilots. The 88 and 89 had a tapered spindle 
and a lighter hub to reduce weight. I know I got parts of an 86 to be sure to 
get the heaver ones. I had to lengthen my tie rods about an inch or so. I had 
to drill out the steering knuckle arm because the pilot uses heaver tie rods 
than the TRX does. That arm is harder than hell so be prepared to sharpen 
your drill a few times. I also had to take some of the bend out of the brake 
line to clear the spindle. It sort of bowed my fitting where the union bolt 
goes through it so I carefully filed it flat and put some new sealing washers 
on it and it was ok with no leaks.  I had to bleed the line a lot to get the 
air out. I also lengthen my steering arm where the tie rods hook up to the 
other end to give me more turning radius but then I had more bump steer so I 
went back to the original holes. I don't turn quite as sharp as I did with the 
drum brakes but at least I have all four wheels skidding when I want to stop 
fast. I do a lot of fabricating and I'm a machinist and a good welder. I raised 
my radiator up 3 inches to get to my carb easier.  I currently have a CR500R 
cylinder on my Pilot but I considering going back to the 400 cylinder because 
of the noise the 500 puts out. Oregon dunes rangers are cracking down on loud 
machines and you really don't gain that much for the $ it cost to modify it. 
The 465cc kit is better than the CR500R I think. Easier and cheaper to. Well 
if you have any more questions let me know. OH the Pic of me and Pet, Yea it 
was up there. The Pic turned out pretty good. We get kind of wild in the 
Pilots. I should slow down some I just tuned 41. Don't want to die to soon. 
Take care and I hope I was some help.

Bruce A.

Preludes Brake Conversion