Oil Change Stock Pilot Shocks by hoser.. Another great performance enhancement idea!

First you remove the end cap on the res

Then the valve core is exposed so I can bleed off the nitrogen.

You then compress the spring and remove the retainer, you have to separate the plastic 
wiper from the plastic spring guide before the spring will come all the way off.

With the spring off I give a deep wall socket a tap with a small hammer to drive the end cap 
down far enough where the retainer clip can be removed

Moved down.

Once the end cap is down and the clip removed you can remove the bladder from the res.

Nasty old oil is then drained out I like to suspend the shocks upside down so the oil can 
drain out over night.

Nasty oil

Once the shocks have drained over night the res is then filled with oil and the shock shaft 
moved in and out to refill the shock, then it is left to set over night to allow any air in the shock to
migrate to the highest point in the shock.

The oil level is then adjusted to have 1" in the res with the shaft fully extended then it is assembled
and recharged to 190 psi with nitrogen.

If you do the shocks one at a time with the springs off you can stroke each shock and feel the
improvement between the new and old oil, I used 10W oil in these if the owner was over 220
lbs I would have used 15W oil for better dampening control, changing the oil or going to a 
heavier oil for better dampening is not a new concept but who was doing it in Pilot rear shocks
before me??

Have questions about any of this ask here in the shock discussion forum
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