Pilot driven Clutch by hoser..
Here is the driven clutch off my Pilot I have the pulleys spread apart using the spreader 
bolt. If you don't have get one, this is considered a special tool and it came with the Pilot
when new and was located in the tool kit, you need to use this bolt when changing the belt.

Bolt for Pilot driven clutch spreader BOLT, FLANGE (10X28) 95701-10028-08  
Cost $1.29 from Hillside Honda.

In this picture you can see where the plating has worn off the clutch faces, it is a hard chrome
plating but is not shiny like regular chrome, once the plating wears off the exposed metal will 
rust, Pilots with driven clutches in this condition stored in high humid conditions will rust then 
the rust will form pits in the metal and greatly shorten belt life.

See the wear area about dead center of the clutch face, my guess is it wears more here because
the belt spends most of its time in this zone while the Pilot is in motion and is in that position
when the power really comes on.

Here you can see the spreader bolt from the back side, the end of the bolt pushes against the 
movable face to spread the clutches, there is also a 'hidden area' here where remains of a 
shredded belt can get trapped, most of the time spreading the clutches with the bolt will allow
you to remove the remains of the belt sometimes complete disassembly of the driven is needed
to removed the more resistant parts of the belt, leaving threads in this 'hidden area' will not 
allow the clutch to return to the fully closed position.

Spring compressed.

Home made puller I made for a FL250 driven clutch also seems to work on the Pilot but the fit is 
not exact I will fabricate a better fitting piece one of theses days, I used a piece of 5/16 threaded 
rod about 12" long with nuts and washers on the other end, you tighten the top nut down to 
compress the spring enough to remove the snap ring on the end of the shaft then slowly loosen
the nut to control spring tension, you assemble in reverse order using the home made tool to 
compress the spring again, make sure you have the snap ring around the threaded rod before
you start to compress the spring.

A better look at the worn faces.

There is about .010 wear in the worst area.

Parts break down
1         22210-HE0-000 Face, Driven  89
1 22210-HE0-670 Face, Driven  90
2 22220-HE0-000 Face, Movable Driven  89-90
3 22231-HE0-000 Pin, Roller Guide  89-90
4 22232-HE0-000 Roller, Guide  89-90
5 22233-HE0-000 Collar, Seal  89-90
6 22234-HE0-000 Collar, Spring Guide  89-90
7 22235-HE0-000 Spring, Driven Face  89-90
8 22236-HE0-000 Seat, Driven Spring  89-90
9 22237-HE0-000 Cover, Driven Spring  89-90
10 90456-HE0-000 Washer  89-90
11 91213-HE0-003 Oil Seal  89-90
12 91352-KM1-005 O-Ring  89-90
13 94511-36175 Circlip, External  89-90
14 95701-10075-00 Bolt, Flange  89-90
Modifications 2002