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My wife's Pilot (4-25-01)

 Pictures of the Drakart

 Pictures of the new Drakart   (5-21-00)

Stonemans clone Mad Max & toys

Dunepilots' 89 Pilot

DaOddyMan's FL250

Kevins' modified 350

Pilotcats' 2000

Some Pictures of Radicals' Pilot (updated 10-28-00)

Cowboys' Pilot   A Extream Pilot In Action! (Added 7-1-00) More Pictures (Added 8-1-00)

Don's New Stadium Lite (Kurt Took 4 th Place With This Machine At Davenport IA Its First Race)

My Trip To Missouri (Spring of 99)

Don, Kurt And Myself Racing   Page 1 Page 2 Page3

Older style Briggs built car or here 

Brigg's Built Stadium Lite's    Page 1  Page2  Page 3  Page 4

Genesis Stadium Lite Pic's

Quad Pictures    9-13-00

Badland Pictures

Bills' Pilot

Alexs' FL350 all the way from Portugal (Added 10-3-99)

Danny At Glamis        (Added 12-2-99)

Ricks' 250       (Added 12-3-99)

Toms' Pilot      (Added 12-3-99)

Kens' 350        (Added 12-18-99)

Pictures of Little Sahara 
"jordi" in  barcelona spain    (   1-13-00)

Derek Nagles' Toy's

Glamis Pictures from     JARED LOPEZ   (Added 1-27-00)

Fred Mudloff's Fl350  (Added 2-16-00)

Some West Coast Jamboree Pictures

Mike and Christy's ATV collection

Pilotmans' Pilot

Pilot500's Pilot

Pic's of me riding

Race Day Pic's at Garys South 7 350

More Race Day Pic's at Garys South 7 350

 Even more Race Day Pic's at Garys South 7 350

Some new pics From Robert

Don and Curt's Pilots that were modified to run the SODA series

   Check Out This Stadium lite By Richard Kosar  And now check out the desert car he is working on 

My First Real ATV, Only Mine Was Lime Green --->