Piston Preperation Before Use by hoser..

A new piston will need some minor preperation before installing it into your engine, If you have ever 
looked close at a new piston you will notice they leave a lot of sharp edges, if you take a file and 
gently file those sharp edges off you will reduce the chance ot the piston scraping the oil off the 
cylinder wall.

I went around the hole in the piston inside and out to remove casting flaws and put a small bevel 
inside and out.

The leading edge of the skirt also needs it done

I dont like to risk removing oil from the cylinder wall, check your old piston when it is removed 
you will notice that the edge is sharper than a new piston if the piston was run to long and shows 
a lot wear from rocking inside the cylinder bore.

Click on "More Pictures" to see the piston I did for the wife's Pilot 3-17-01