Pilot Air Box Modification
I added this pre filter setup after riding at The Badlands several times this past summer and going 
through 1 air filter per day of riding, Most day's I could have used 2 filters. So I built this pre filter 
setup so it would catch 90% of the dirt and dust before it got to the main filter and keep air flow to 
the engine the same as running a clean filter all weekend.

So far it has been working great I now can go all weekend without changing the main filter.
The main air filter has almost no dirt on it at all, The pre filter gets washed and oiled just 
like the main filter.

As you can see in the top picture the primary air box is located above the radiator and below the
tail tight I have only the top mounts installed at this time because I am thinking of cutting down the 
size of the box. You also can see the oiled UNI filter foam I got from Dennis Kirk.

In the next 2 picture's you can see the second hose that was cut into the stock air box lid 
doubling the intake volume.

The picture's below shows the 2 hoses running up to the pre filter box.

Click here to see how effective the filter is and the new design