Pre Filter New Design by hoser
Here is my second design and it is working much better than I had anticipated it would with 
the dry conditions of the Ocala forest their was plenty of dust and great testing conditions for 
air filters.

I decided to add some nylon stocking's over my K&N pre filters for the Florida ride (12-15-01)
after the pleats pretty much get full of dirt and mud at the Land Between The Lakes 
ride earlier this fall, I picked the nylons over the pre chargers to keep the cost low, 1.97 
for stockings that will make 8 disposable covers or 10.00 each for pre chargers that you 
need to wash when you service the filters.

As you can see the forward side of the filters gets much dirtier that the back side.

Here is what my main filter looked like after almost 3 days of eating dust near the Big Scrub
camp grounds, the filter is clean but keep in mind that this filter will still need serviced even if
it does not look dirty, the oil used to coat the filter in time will evaporate so for maximum protection
I recommend removing inspecting and oiling the filter from time to time.

Below is two other Pilot filters that were not running the pre filters on the same ride.

Here are the filters getting ready to be washed in preparation for the next ride.

My second generation pre filter design is working out good, I guess I bought large enough 
filters and they provide enough filter service area, even when they got as dirty as you see
in the above pictures my jetting was not affected enough to worry about changing pre filters,
I will be replacing the current hose with some high quality air craft quality hose and fabricating
a better mounting bracket for next season.