Pilot Rear Brake Assembly (5-24-01)
Here is a inspection point that needs to be inspected more often than when you change your
brake pads (I Learned the hard way) I would suggest removing, cleaning, inspecting and 
lubricating 3 times a year if you ride as much as I do or at least one time between brake 
pad replacement.

What you see in the first picture below is the bracket (Part # 13 on last picture on this page) 
that holds the calliper, it bolts to the transmission the pin bolts(part #21) goes into the holes 
with the blue arrows, each bolt is lubricated with grease and protected by rubber boots, 
my boots were long worn out and didn't provide that much protection to keep dirt and dust out, 
once dirt gets inside it gets between the steel bolt and the aluminum guess who wears out first :-)

Below you can see where the calliper pin bolt wore through the housing.

Once the housing wears out the calliper will rattle around when your driving the Pilot, you don't 
have to be using the brakes for it to move around, wile it is moving it is also wearing the brake 
pads out and they bounce off the brake disk.
All I really needed to replace was the bracket (Part # 13) pin bolts (part #21) the rubber 
boots (part #22) and brake pads would have got me going, the bracket cost about 70.00 the 
bolts about 6.00 each the rubber boots 1.50 and brake pads about 30.00 but for about 60.00
more I could get the whole new assembly so I did.

The new assembly comes complete with everything you need, just lubricate, install, bleeds the 
brakes and your with brakes again.

Updated Speedchaser now makes some replacement parts to cure the worn parts problems please follow all the links 
on these pages. Odyssey & Pilot rear caliper bracket