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This page is pretty much all Honda Pilot stuff, I started this page so I could reduce the amount of stuff 
on the Technical Information Center page and pull some stuff off my main page in efforts to make it load faster :-)

Most of the stuff you will see here was generated wile I was working on my Pilot making repairs, my Pilot has 
had a long and hard life, I bough it 3rd hand, the first owner abused the Pilot from day one and never did any 
maintenance the second owner bought it and made some repairs but never really had it long enough to put to 
many hours on it before he sold the Pilot to me, most people that have rode with me can tell you that I don't baby 
my Pilot around either.

I put this material here so others could see what parts I have replaced, why they failed and what they should 
be looking for or can expect to replace in the future on their Pilot

Pilot REAR shock seal rebuild. By hoser..   Shock seals leaking oil, shock shafts still straight and not damaged then all you might need is seals.

Repairing a HI-REV Head pipe for Pilot. By hoser..

Broke "PULLEY, RECOIL" Thingie  by hoser.. 

Extending Pilot A Arms  Lee and I had discussed this in the past, take stock Pilot A arms and just extend them 2.5" longer. 

Pilot rev-limits?  By bugeye59 Its Discussed here in detail. Thanks LEE Also see removing the Pilot rev limiter By Bill..

Do It Yourself Pilot No Rev CDI Kit by Bill  DIY and save personally I send mine to Bill and let the professional do it using the right potting materials

Pilot Master Cylinder Rebuild   by hoser.. 

Pilot Air Screw Adjustment    by hoser.. 

Pilotnut CSI by hoser..  crank bearing failure moregood CSI Pilot Case investigation by hoser.. 

Project Wiggens Pilot!  by hoser..

FL670R CSI Rod failure  CSI - The story continue

Hoser CSI More engine internal problems Poofkaboom2003 more tips by hoser..

Muddbogger CSI Pilot engine inspection, there is more Muddbogger CSI III  Muddbogger CSI IIII by hoser..

Cylinder Gasket Failure!  Little Sahara in 2002 Basket Case Cylinder Gasket Failure! by hoser..

BigTom Pilot CSI Definitely Bearing trouble!

Project 440 Pilot out with the old in with the new, exercise in confusion? Maybe, time will tell, stay tuned. by hoser..

Factory Pilot Crank Cases Defective ? Take a look at what we found.... Sep 1st 2004

Pilot Odyssey Work stands by MGR....  (5-15-03) Pilot Work stand By PilotNut

Bad Pilot Reeds yours look like this?  by hoser..

Pilot Stub Axle Seal A make shift seal to keep out the bad stuff? by hoser..2004

FMF Q2 Quiet Silencer Modifications by hoser..

Power Bloc Blueprinting tips  by MGR 16 Feb 2004

Ball joint boots for a Pilot.

Exhaust manifold repair By hoser.. 

New Power Bloc Clutches 29 Mar 2004

Oil Change Stock Pilot Shocks by hoser..2004

New A-arm bushings for the front Pilot A-arms Installation and review 8-5-01

Pilot Axle Stub Removal by hoser..

CR500 Rod Honda CR500 Rod kit part number 16 Oct 2004 by hoser..

How to grease the ball joints on a Pilot A-arm by hoser..8-5-01

4X4 Tuff torque pipe with Super Silencer Review       by hoser..

Update: Torque pipe installed    Take a look by hoser..

Piston Preparation by hoser.. 3-17-01 From the box to the engine, don't think so.....

Pilot Reed cage  modifications by hoser.. 6-5-01

Easy Pilot Tie Rod Repair by hoser..

Honda line nerf bar installation instructions for the Pilot

Over bore or not? By hoser..

Pilot driven clutch Going bad, worn out? by hoser.. (5-28-01)

Pilot Rear Brake Assembly Inspection and wear points (5-24-01) by hoser..

800 Reasons why you need to take your axles out and inspect the splines (10-25-00) by hoser..

Pilot Driven Clutch Inspection have you been going through a lot of belts? 3-17-01 by hoser..

Pilot Modification Recommendations 12-31-00 What should I do to make my Pilot faster? by hoser..

Changing the throttle cable on a Pilot Sooner or later it will wear out.

Installing a  39 mm PWK carburetor on a Honda Pilot  by hoser..

Project Pilot Basket Case The Wife's New Ride Update 4-6-00   Cylinder gasket failure 2003  by hoser..

Pilot Rear Brake Cleaning and Inspecting This is what they look like when you play in the mud.... by hoser..

Pilot front A-arms More maintenance Items....  by hoser..

Removing, inspecting and replacing your lower steering stem bushing It only needs greased once and a wile.by hoser..

Pilot front disc brakes  (12-4-99)

Changing Your Transmission Seal (Added 12-18-99) by hoser..

Pilot Prefilter Modification  See how effective the pre filter is  DC NEW PREFILTER  Wiggins Prefilter Mod

Honda Pilot Top End Inspection-Rebuild beta version I will complete it some day :-)  by hoser..

Pilot Rear Brake Assembly Inspection and wear points (5-24-01)

Cleaning Your Air Filter The Right Way by hoser..

Inside The Stock Pilot Rear Shock Ever wonder what is inside your shock? by hoser..

Pilot inspection 2001 It is a once a year event, check it out! by hoser..

Difference between a 89 and 90 Pilot You know the difference?

 Need a Belt for your Pilot? These belts hold up great, last longer than the Honda drive belt. by hoser..

The "Basket case Pilot" I bought from Pilotman by hoser..

My Pilot Rebuild (Updated 7-3-00 porting ) (pressure testing a Pilot engine.) by hoser..

"Engine rebuilding is nearly impossible without the right tools. Some guys try to use the “caveman” 
method—big hammers and chisels. As a result, they usually do some stupid thing that ruins expensive 
engine components." A good start is to buy and read a factory service manual, it is a invaluable tool 
and includes pictures so you can see what is inside before you pry it apart.

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