I found this stuff at Wal-Mart you mix with water to make a mold, so I wrapped duct tape
around the reed cages and mixed some up, you only have about 30 seconds from the 
time you pour the water in to work with this stuff after 31 seconds it is too late, using cold
water will give you about 40 seconds, one package cost about $2.50 and is just enough
to make to stuffer impressions like below.

After about 10 minutes you can remove the tape and pop them out of the mold be ready to 
put them right into the wax mold and cover with wax because as they dry out they will shrink

After the wax hardens you can just pop them out with not much effort, they also can be used 
over again if you want to make more, remember if they dry out they will shrink so be ready to
pour another set before removing them from the wax.

Here is my first attempt at using regular fiberglass resin, I used too much hardener and they
generated so much heat they actually started to melt the wax mold, I also tried to carve out part
of the pink stuff to save time later on when it came time to carve out the final stuffer, if you 
look close at the one on the left you can see that it warped a little when I poured the wax
into the mold, the next set will be made solid so they maintain the proper dimension.

I put a few bolts in in the resin so I could remove them from the wax, worked out pretty good
after they were out I just backed the bolts out with a wrench.

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