Easy Tie Rod repair by hoser..

Bent tie rods? no problem here is a easy fix I have used for since 1996 on my 
Pilot, straighten out the bent rods and slip them into a thin wall 3/4" OD tubing then 
weld the ends, you have to weld them or the end will break when you hit something 
the tubing becomes a lever when NOT welded, if you didn't weld yours all the way
around and it breaks don't come crying to me I have abused mine since 1996
and nothing else has bent or broke, when someone tells you "but something has
to give that is why Honda made them the part to bend" have them bring you the 
facts that something else will break there are plenty of doom and gloom theorist saying 
other parts will break but nobody has seen it happen after all these years again I have
been abusing mine since 1996 without a single problem problem or negative affect.

This mod works on the FL350 too Check It Out Here

Many others are using this modification with no ill results ask around...

More pictures can be found on these pages Here and Here 

If you want we can perform this service for you in our state of the art Midwest 
fabricating and research facility, what we do is accurately straighten your bent rods 
in a 30 ton automatic press until almost perfect then take a piece OD .065 wall 3/4" 
steel tubing cut to length and the ends trued in our lathe to ensure tolerances are 
maintained and to prep the tubing for welding, then the tie rod is centered and fully 
mig welded to perfection on both ends. 

We can also straighten and repair most lower rear links.
Here is a bottom view of the repaired lower rear control arms. FL350 Tie Rod Repair By hoser.. Follow the guide to no more bent tie rods.
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