350 Odyssey Modification Recommendations By hoser..
Modify your air box so the engine can breath better, just about any modification you do will require 
the more air to the engine its a low cost mod thats easy and gives a big bang for the buck.

The 350 is a air cooled engine so anything you can do to improve air flow over the engine will help 
keep it cooler on HOT days or during times of low speeds some owners have installed small 12 volt
fans to blow air in front of their engines.

While not cheap one of the best modifications you can do is replace the rear shocks with WORKS 
shocks, even when new the stock HONDA shocks were no where close to the ride the WORKS
will give you just ask other owners on the message board  

Another great mod is to change the stock clutch to something you can adjust, just by allowing the motor to rev 500 RPM 
more on take off will make a night and day difference in the way your 350 performs. On a stock machine 
I would set the clutch to engage at 3800-4200 RPM.Triple E 1-800-763-3762 can set 
you up with a Power Bloc?. Don't be scared to ask this guy questions about clutching.

 If you want to pump up the power would be a after market pipe and silencer to make the motor breath even better,
Triple E 1-800-763-3762 and Power Pros offer both rev and torque pipes, DG offers a pipe that most say makes
much more power but it is horribly loud, FL670 says modifying the stock silencer will increase power.

 A larger carburetor, something around 36mm for torque and 39mm for a high revving motor, you can 
get both from Sudco will set you up with what you need.

Porting, if your still not satisfied with the amount of power you motor is putting out. 
Triple E 1-800-763-3762 and MacDizzy offer porting that will wake up your machine, MacDizzy did mine 
and I have no complaints,  If you decide to get porting done you will need to ship 
your intake manifold (black rubber part the carb connects to) reed cage, cylinder, head and exhaust 
manifold because all will be modified.  Here you can see some of my porting

 It wont be long after you start making all this new power that you will find out you need more 
traction, I decided on the stock Honda tires because they work well under all conditions, you 
can get a set and any other Honda parts from Hillside Honda 707-263-9000 (ask for Joe), they 
give our Pilot-Odyssey group a great discount just tell them your with the Pilot-Odyssey group 
and want the "Good Guy" discount OR try Service Honda .com Toll Free Call 800-828-5498

The 350 has a rev limiter when in reverse check out how to disable it

The FL350 is not without problems so if you get time you should address maintenance issues that seem to be a reoccuring problem with 
the 350.

The 350 starter more often than not ends up being filled with oil, the oil migrates from the balancer case through the balancer case
vent then ends up into the case where the starter and flywheel is, the flywheel throws the oil into the starter, HONDA fix was to 
lower the oil level please read the HONDA SERVICE BULLETIN  Their are other ways to deal with this problem without lowering 
the oil level but are more complicated, Randy at http://pilotodyssey.com makes a kit that updates the vent system 
to rebuild your starter check out 350 Starter Rebuild by Braintree  and 350 Starter info By MGR Here is some starter info by 
our resident electronics guru MassOdy 350 Starter rebuild tips, tricks...

Some parts info and links Professional Proven Recreational Porting Pilot FL350 FL250$260.00 Professional Experienced and Proven Cylinder Bore Hone Relief Of Exhaust Bridge ONLY! $60.00 Why pay more for lesser EXPERIENCE Triple E 1-800-763-3762 Toll FREE Call Comet 102C clutch professionally setup $330.00 WHY PAY MORE?Toll FREE C OEM Honda front brake shoes for the Pilot and FL350 $17.93 each side $35.86 for both front OEM FL350 Drive Belt $64.76 OEM Pilot Drive Belt $66.08 OEM Honda gasket kit for $40.44 part number 061A0-VMO-T73 FL350 Wiseco Piston kit $81.38 Prices might not be current so CALL Service Honda .com Parts Page TOLL FREE 800-828-5498 I know this page is way outdated if you want to help update the page PLEASE send your suggestions and info to me at Pilot400@mchsi.com