Project Challenger by hoser..SOLD
Currently this Odyssey is powered by a  Mossbarger liquid cooled cylinder and head,
a Banshee radiator takes care of the cooling, the air scoops (currently yellow) are old FL250
front fenders that have been cut down, 33.5 mm carb, pipe, power block drive clutch, salsbury 
790 driven clutch, banshee radiator and over flow bottle blistine shocks, RJS harness Pilot 
wrist restraints and more, please read on...

Below is kind of a history of my Challenger since I bought it.

Challenger catalog here is more info about Challenger company back in 1985 might be slow loading

First look This is the Challenger when I first bought it

Tuning and getting a feel for the car

Transmission mount modification

Test trip to the badlands 10-04-01

Tie rods and exhaust modifications

Driven Clutch change 1-1-02 (Not complete more to come later)

Transmission maintenance/rebuild 1-1-02

Mossbarger Engine Buildup 2-15-02  Here is one method to stuff a FL250 crank case,
this was not performed on my crankshaft just wanted to share it with you.
Rear shocks  2-21-02 (in progress but I did some stuff real quick to get it started) 

Head gets some changes (Yamaha engine)

Mossbarger Engine Installed  (5-10-02)

FL250/Challenger rear hubs  (5-28-02)

 More testing at the Badlands 6-14-02  Videos One Two Three   

Rear shock blow out! Time to make some changes. 6-16-02
Here is a list of shipping companys My home page