Welcome to the high performance section of my web page, there is a lot of little things a person can do to greatly enhance the performance of their machines I will try to give you some examples of things that I have found that work pretty well.
Power Bloc Clutch CSI-Repair By hoser..  Trying to repair the damage done to Mudboggers Pilot clutch.

My 440 Pilot Project Zoom zoom

Pilot Porting 2003, new cylinder gets ported after spending almost 3 years on the shelf!

Head Holding Tool by hoser..

MY Pilot and Odyssey Current Jetting Specs

Power bloc spring rate chart Power Bloc install instructions

Big Tom Straight Pilot Intake Manifold Modification   10-28-02 Updated 3-14-03 check it out!

Long Travel front suspension Got the arms Redrider Long Travel Front Suspension Kit

Fox Air Shox central, a exercise in confusion?

Odykid Pilot

Adjustable compression ratio for the FOX air shox, making things easier.  7-28-02

Power Head for the Pilot By hoser

Go here for all the oring sizing and gland info you will ever need.. Use a Viton 75 for best results.

Head Calculations using TSR software by Sainty

Reed Cage You don't need to spend a lot of money on a after market cage.

Pilot manifold was used as a example, this works on all manifolds.

Pipe And Silencer just bolt it on and and go riding, don't think so, find out here what the motorcycle
ATV magazines don't tell you about in their pipe shoot out's, maybe they don't know any better?

Airbox and Pre-Filter talk... Air Filter Location.

39mm PWK carb in a stock 350 manifold, their is slight modifications needed to the manifold.

Power Bloc Blueprinting tips  Wise words of MGR 16 Feb 2004

New Power Bloc Clutches 29 Mar 2004

Pilot driven Clutch What is inside & Modifications?

Spark plug modifications 8-24-02

Project 500cc Big Bore Pilot Engine 2002

Exhaust Leaking, easy fix.  9-23-02

Honda FL400 Pilot CDI Unit - No Rev Limiter  $100.00 BuggyPilot@Bellsouth.net
Toy Hauler Page

I will be moving and adding ideas to this page that I have tried that will enhance the 
performance of any Pilot or odyssey.

More to come!

Pilot bore 80mm stroke 79mm

First I would like to say I am no expert or even a authority on any or all the subjects 
found here on these pages I am a Sheet Metal worker by trade and this is just a 
hobby for me, if your looking for exact scientific answers please visit the tech 
sections of MacDizzy's web page and spend a few hundred hours reading the post 
on his message board also check out powersportstuning.com

I have been doing the ATV Off-Road thing for 30 years and have had subscriptions to 
all the major ATV magazines since day one up to about 4 years ago, I gave up the 
magazine subscriptions after finding out more REAL answers and information can be 
found on the internet from people that are not trying to sell a product and limit 
the the information about the product to one or two pages.

Over the years I tried to keep a open mind and tried not to fall into the hype
generated by product advertisements, taking the wait and see attitude on most all
new products there by letting all my friends spend their hard earned cash on the 
better go faster parts, then after seeing then perform in the real world made a 
decision based on how well they actually performed, I have found that modifying
stock OEM parts can make them perform as well or better than most if not all 
of the after market pieces, I hope here I can give you some ideas so you can 
enhance the performance of your machine also.

If you see something here that is wrong, don't look right, something I am forgetting
or need more detail please email me.
Often Imitated But Never Duplicated