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"Engine rebuilding is nearly impossible without the right tools. Some guys try to use the “caveman” 
method—big hammers and chisels. As a result, they usually do some stupid thing that ruins expensive
engine components." A good start is to buy and read a factory service manual! it is a invaluable tool 
and includes pictures so you can see what is inside before you pry it apart.
Engine Break In Wear in would be a better terminology Words of wisdom, the bottom line is its your engine your money.

FL250 Transmission Rebuild  by Hodge

Port Bevel  Important stuff, introduce your gas flows in a smooth manner.

Pre-ignition Detonation

The Formula We Use To Determine The Tuned Length Of The Exhaust Is... Discussed to get you thinking.

Fox Air Shocks info more info for the shocks

Do It Yourself Pilot No Rev CDI Kit by Bill  DIY and save personally I send mine to Bill and let the professional do it using the right potting materials

Pilot DIY Fire wall specs! By Lightspeed! This might fit the Odyssey too. 2006

HRD Power Bloc Clutch Info    Comet 108C broken parts and what not   by hoser..

 Silicone Sealer Use On Exhaust Systems.  by hoser..

Exhaust Bridge Relief By MacDizzy

Carb Jetting and Adjustment Page       Jetting from the bottom to the top! by Bill Givens

Exhaust Leak Repair By hoser...

Ring seal and heat transfer

Fuel - Squish - Detonation Page Info you need to keep your engine alive.

Ignition Operational factors affecting the required voltage FL350 counter balancer case vent modification, keeping the oil out of the starter, By Randy 10-3-02

Piston ring inspection What to look for...  by hoser..

Compression Test!   by hoser..

FL350 Odyssey Starter Rebuild by Braintree

Rebuilding FL-350 Starter by Eric 11-3-01 if that don't work try Pilothawk's page 2-21-03 

Pressure testing a 2 cycle engine, more here   by hoser..

Reed cage stuffer improvements? Time will tell (11-03-01) by hoser..

Matching the carb to the manifold, Free power or smart power? (11-03-01) by hoser..

Pilot/Odyssey Front Brake Adjustment by hoser.. 

250 Mossbarger cylinder by hoser.. 

Amsoil Series 2000 oil 7-9-01 by hoser.. 

Piston Preparation 3-17-01 by hoser.. 

This is what a new cylinder liner should not look like after you have a new sleeve installed. by hoser.. 

Reed cage   by hoser.. 

High Temp Silicone Sealer by hoser..

K&N Air filters good or bad?   by hoser..  Update 6-27-02 Big Tom's thoughts on filters

My Trip To Rockford Drive Line They now offer CV Parts and boots for the Pilot. (2-7-00) by hoser.. 

Insulating Wraps

Spark Plugs what one do I use? 5-28-01

350 Odyssey Modification Recommendations 12-31-00 by hoser.. 

Pilot Modification Recommendations 12-31-00 What should I do to make my Pilot faster?

Ball Hone or not?    Good stuff. 12-24-00 Updated 8-12-06 by hoser.. 

 FL350 Starter by MGR FL350 Odyssey Air box modification By MGR

Pilot Stage III Kit/435cc by Stoneman

 FL250 transmissions Rebuild, whats inside? By hoser..

READING SPARK PLUGS  Good stuff. 12-24-00

39mm carb on a 350 manifold 'Experts' will tell you it wont fit but they are wrong. by hoser..

FL250 Odyssey Tip's by Bill Added 6-21-00 Also see Bill's do it yourself Pilot no rev CDI kits

Cylinder Bore Preparation

Fl350 Rev Limiter

EGT Information 7-3-00

Belt and Clutch Information  by hoser.. 

 Forward Motion Racing  Porting and Articles by Eric Gorr 

Spark Plug Reading

FL350 Air Box modification  (2-17-00)  by MGR and tsutton44

250 Goki Electric Starter, if this link does not work try this one Electric Start For The FL250 

Pilot Prefilter Modification (Updated 7-22-00) See how effective the pre filter is  by hoser.. 

350 Service Bulletin

FL250 timing retard

Cleaning Your Air Filter The Right Way   by hoser.. 

EGT Information (good stuff if you using a EGT Gauge)

Oval Boring Carburetor

Storing Your ATV

Chain Maintenance


How Two-Stroke Expansion Chambers Work, and Why You Should Care


ABOUT AIR LEAKS The engine you save could be your own

Click here to find out about Piston seizures

Hot Tip's I Have Read About Somewhere  Updated 12-24-00

Fuel For Thought  Part 1 - The Basics What fuel to run? More about gas 12-24-00

For you 4 stroke guys wondering if Mobil 1 oil is safe for your quad, You might want to read this. 12-24-00

Over Six Feet by hoser.. Another great modification.

After market rim offset Why fight it?  by hoser..

 The Ultimate High Tech Web Page MacDizzy's Has Everything You Want Know About 2 Cycle Engines

Also check out Martin Saint, Stealth-Engineering.
For new and Used Pilot And Odyssey parts check out Randy Bridgewater's web page
Engine Break in by Macdizzy

 Insulating Wraps

 Nitrous Oxide Use

 Squish: What it is and how to check it

 How to Calculate Uncorrected Compression Ratio

 Measuring Disassembled Components
for UCCR Calculation

 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 4 Stroke Oil's

 Pressure Testing a Two Stroke Engine

Engine Break in


Ever Burn A Piston And Wonder What Caused The Failure ?

Ever Wonder How A 2 or 4 Cycle Engine Works

"Sometimes the best laid plans and good intentions don't work out quite as intended. Sometimes well made plans might even make you look kinda stupid! In that situation the best solution is always the BFH. Gitter done, pick up the pieces, and order the new parts. Be on your way in the mean time Bill.."

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